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Is Your Business in Compliance with North Carolina's Identity Theft Protection Act?

Each day, your business likely handles, transmits, and stores a wide range of sensitive personal information (“PI”) belonging to third-parties. This sensitive PI may come in the form of credit card numbers or debit card numbers from your customers. Or it may come in the form of social security numbers or direct deposit bank account information from your employees. 

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Own a Business? Learn More About Termination Pitfalls for Employers to Avoid

North Carolina is an “at will” employment state. This means employers may terminate employees at any time without a reason…with some exceptions. There are numerous federal and state employment laws that do offer some protection to employees; these same laws may put employers who act without understanding these laws at risk of finding themselves defending a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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Heads Up! There's Another Scam Making the Rounds.

Any time a deed gets filed, there’s a compnay out of California sending out deed notices that look similar to the picture below. While it does say they are not associated with a government entity, many people think they are a legitimate service. There is no need for someone to use this service. Do NOT send them money! If you need a copy of your deed, you can get one cheaply at the courthouse or free online.

Spring is Here! Davidson-Davie Community College is Celebrating with a Job Fair on April 12th & 20th.

Connect with employers from a wide variety of industries to learn more about available positions, preferred skills and training, hiring and interview processes.

Explore career options in a variety of industry areas. Bring your resume, your optimism and your questions. Discover professional opportunities that can make your future successful and satisfying.

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