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Speakers on Legal Topics

Ask-a-Lawyer Day with DCCCThe attorneys and legal counselors at Brinkley Walser Stoner, PLLC volunteer their time on a periodic basis to speak to groups in the Greensboro and Lexington areas about legal topics of interest. Sessions include those listed below, or custom sessions are available:

Elder Care “Tool Box” | The Essentials

Do you know what documents you should have in your tool box as you do your end of life planning? What are your wishes regarding medical treatment? What happens in the event you develop Alzheimer’s, dementia, or become incapacitated? And – just as important – do your loved ones know what you want? Learn more about the types of documents you should have in place and get tips for having an open and honest family dialogue about your end-of-life wishes that can make the transition much easier on all concerned.

Top 3 Things You Must Know When Starting a Business

The workplace has changed in recent years, and corporate jobs are no longer secure. If you have decided to start your own business, there are some key legal decisions you must make that can impact you for years to come. Learn the three most important things you must do before you open your doors for the first time.

Expunging a Criminal Record in North Carolina

If you or a loved one has a criminal record, it can negatively impact your life and career. Under North Carolina law, there are certain instances under which your criminal record may be “expunged,” effectively clearing your record. Learn when and how expunction law works and understand recent changes in the law that have opened this option up to more individuals.

Special Needs Law – Five Things You Must Know

If your child or loved one has special needs, there are legal steps you should take to protect them for the long-term. We will discuss trusts and guardianships, powers of attorney, and how the law changes as a child with special needs reaches the legal age of maturity.

If you are interested in having one of our attorneys speak at your event, please email us or call (336) 249-2101.