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We all know this time of the year is special for so many reasons. Brinkley Walser Stoner attorneys, Bradley Hunt and Drew Nelson, share with you some of their favorite things about the holidays.

From Bradley Hunt:

  1. Favorite holiday movie? Die Hard – some say this is not a Christmas movie, but I consider it one.

2. Favorite holiday song? Merry Christmas from the Family.

3. Share a funny Christmas memory. The very first Christmas I was married to my wife, Carrie, we spent the holiday with her parents in Virginia. I either had food poisoning or the norovirus. Worst 48 hours of my life.

4. What is most important to you about the holidays? Being able to unwind and unplug and spend quality time with my family. The best part, of course, is spending Christmas morning with my two sons. It is nice for about 10 minutes, then total chaos.

From Drew Nelson:

  1. Share a funny Christmas memory. I snuck into the living room and opened all my presents from Santa when I was eight years old. This happened before my parents woke up. I don’t think they have ever forgiven me.

2. Does your family have a special holiday recipe? My grandad’s famous chocolate peanut butter balls!

3. Would you rather be surprised by a gift or know what you are getting? I would rather be surprised. Who doesn’t love surprises?

4. What is most important to you about the holidays? Being able to take a few days away from the ordinary rush and stress to focus on what is important.

Tell us your favorite holiday memories, activities, or what you love about this time of the year in the comments below.

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