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September 3, 2021, marks David Inabinett’s 25th anniversary with Brinkley Walser Stoner,
PLLC. The Lexington native started as an associate in 1996 immediately after graduating from
Wake Forest University School of Law in Winston-Salem and was appointed Managing Member
of the firm in 2009. His main areas of practice are Estate Planning & Administration, Real Estate
Law, Elder Law/ Medicaid, and Nursing Home Planning, Public School Law, and Business and
Commercial Law. Inabinett is a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys
(NAELA) and has been selected once again by his peers for inclusion in the 28th edition of The
Best Lawyers in America® in the fields of Elder Law, and Trusts and Estates.

“I went into the field of law to make a difference,” says Inabinett. “Helping clients through some
of the most difficult and challenging moments in their lives is immensely satisfying, as is working
with clients and organizations to move important initiatives forward in our community. If I had a
chance to go back and choose my career again, I would still choose the law. That said, I would
tell my younger self to take more intentional time to develop skills, hobbies, and relationships
to enrich my life and ultimately my law practice!”

“I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to call David not only a mentor but also a friend
for the past 18 years,” says Bradley Hunt, a member attorney at the firm. “His level-headed
approach and thoughtful insight into the practice of law simply cannot be measured. The
guidance he has provided and shared with me over the years has taught me more about being
a lawyer, about being a professional, than I can truly put into words.”

“From the time that David came here as an associate and began being mentored by Mr.
Brinkley, he has shown professionalism, dedication, and passion for this firm,” says Karen
Greene, the firm’s business manager.  “He has been an essential part of the continued success
and growth of BWS, especially during the past 12 of his 25 years in his role of managing
member.  Without his hard work and continued vision for the future we would not have
maintained the integrity and existence of the firm we were 25 years ago.”  

“David has always shown a great commitment to the people, businesses, and institutions in his
community,” says Will Miller, an associate attorney at the firm. “David’s constant
professionalism, sharp legal analysis, and excellent communication skills make him an ideal
attorney and mentor. It has been my honor to work with David at the law firm for almost two
years, but I have known him for much longer. He has always been willing to share his strong
legal knowledge, valuable experience, and keen judgment with younger attorneys.”

“The field of law has changed dramatically over the past 25 years,” says Inabinett. “Not only are
legal changes coming at a faster pace, but there has also been an increased demand for services. The
The 24/7 culture we live in also means attorneys must be much better at managing their time and
setting expectations. The internet has added another challenge, with everyone now having
access to online information about the law that is not always accurate or relevant. The other big
change has been increased competition with the widespread advertisement for legal services.”
Inabinett is surprised by how quickly the years go by and how rapidly things change and
become obsolete. “In another 25 years, I hope the firm is still providing what most clients really
want – a relationship with an attorney who gives them individualized, prompt, caring and up to
date legal advisement and counseling for difficult and often novel situations that, more and
more, the law has not yet caught up to address.”

“I do not think I would be the lawyer that I am today without the knowledge that David has so
graciously passed on to me,” adds Bradley Hunt. “His dedication to his family, the community,
the practice of law, and the law firm of Brinkley Walser Stoner is a daily reminder of the duty,
obligation, and commitment that all lawyers should strive to achieve.”
“I have had the amazing opportunity to work with David for the last three years at Brinkley
Walser Stoner,” says Crystal Inman, an estates paralegal with the firm. “During that time, I have
learned far more about estate planning, estates, and trusts from David, alone, that no book or
classroom could ever teach me.”

“David Inabinett is not only an incredible attorney but a remarkable human being,” says
receptionist Melinda Caddell, also a member of the BWS 25th anniversary club. “The same
genuine care he gives his clients is also displayed with the care/concern for his staff and their
families. That is rare in this day and age.”

“My biggest lesson (repeatedly) learned so far is to slow down,” adds Inabinett. “People are
often anxious for a fast answer, but it is important to take your time and consider all angles of a
client’s legal and related personal issues even in the face of ever-increasing demands to deliver
immediate answers and solutions. And second, to that, it is sometimes the better part of valor to
politely decline an engagement to represent a client in a no-win situation.”

Reflecting back on the past 25 years, Inabinett adds, “I have tremendous gratitude for my wife,
kids, parents, and many mentors and staff members with whom I’ve worked in the legal field and
otherwise who have contributed to and enhanced my life’s journey thus far.”

To celebrate Inabinett’s 25 years of service, the firm has donated $500 in his honor to the
Lexington Area Community Foundation Endowment Fund, a cause he has supported for many
years. The Foundation funds various community organizations in the area, and we are proud to
honor Inabinett in this way as he works diligently for our firm and our community.