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The Buy or Lease Decision

By Gary Bowers, Attorney at Law

Whether you own or manage an existing business or are considering a new start-up, you will likely need to decide whether to buy or lease space for your business. Commercial property transactions can be complex, and there are a myriad of things to consider before you make this decision. The search process can be intimidating, overwhelming and sometimes oversimplified. Read more…

Elder Abuse Awareness

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, helping wrap up (on 6/17) a month-long recognition of elder abuse as a global problem. In Davidson County in 2017, there were 395 reports of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation. To make it worse, experts estimate for every reported case, 23 more go unreported.

You can help by learning the signs, watching out for friends, family, and neighbors, and reporting potential abuse. Learn more…

McNeill Adult Care Home Chair

Ryan McNeill was elected early this year to Chair the Davidson County Community Advisory Committee for Adult Care Homes for 2018. Volunteer Advisory Committee members act as advocates for those in adult care homes. They also work to educate the public, increase awareness of the needs of residents, and improve community involvement.

Committee members are appointed by the Davidson County Board of Commissioners and receive training and technical aide from the Regional Ombudsman. A shout out to Ryan for getting involved in such a worthy cause!