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Should I Hand Write My Will?

Clients often ask, “Is it ‘legal’ to write up my own will” or “can I just write in changes to my will?” While a handwritten Will is recognized as “legal” in North Carolina, a June 2017 case decided by the NC Court of Appeals illustrates why that may not be such a good idea.

In The Matter of the Will of James Paul Allen, Mr. Allen had a valid typewritten signed and properly attested will leaving in Article IV a life estate or “lifetime rights” in certain lands to an individual with full ownership in those lands passing to two other people upon the later death of the person given the lifetime right. However, Mr. Allen apparently wrote in the margins of that Will his own handwritten notes saying, “Beginning 7-7-03 do not honor Article IV Void Article IV James Paul Allen.” A dispute arose as to whether there was any legal effect of those handwritten notes since those effectively omitted the life estate and gave all of the land fully to the individual who had previously only been given a lifetime right. Learn more about the rules for handwritten wills or changes.

Considering a Senior Living Community?

As our lives change over time, our desires for a certain type of living situation may also change. When you are young, an apartment close to the “action” can seem like the ideal situation. Once you marry and have children, a big single-family home may work best. Once the kids have moved out and you are retired or approaching retirement, that big house may require much more of your time than you are willing to give!

Two of our attorneys were recently interviewed for a series on senior living communities. Learn more about types of senior living communities, questions to ask to see if you might be ready to move, and legal considerations. You can also watch the video. If you have questions or concerns about estate planning or elder law issues, schedule an appointment by calling our office at (336) 249-2101 (Lexington) or (336) 235-2941 (Greensboro).

It’s Peach Season

Nothing says summer more than a sweet, just off the tree peach. July 17 is Peach Ice Cream Day. Buy a quart (or more) at the local farmer’s market and make Summertime Peach Ice Cream in this recipe from Southern Living.