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Bradley Hunt

Bradley Hunt is an attorney and Davidson County native. He handles cases throughout the Triad area. Practice areas include public school law, employment law, estate planning & administration, collections, and general litigation, corporate law.

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I learned my value system from my parents who were always putting the needs of others ahead of their own.  Service to others—their children, neighbors, or even those they didn’t know, was a part of their daily life.

After graduating from UNC in 1998, I was undecided on a career path but did know I wanted service to be the cornerstone of my career.  Law school seemed a natural fit. I graduated from the University of West Virginia Law School in 2002 but my desire was to come back to practice in North Carolina and in particular be near my home in Davidson County. I discovered that I liked the ability to practice big city law in a small-town environment.

A defining event for me was joining Brinkley Walser. As I explored options in and around Davidson County, the law firm of choice was Brinkley Walser; I heard nothing but high praise for the firm and its members.  I am supported by the firm’s exceptional staff and mentored by the firm’s seasoned attorneys—providing me a solid foundation for continued professional growth.  I hope as new associates join the firm I am able to provide the same mentoring and support to them that I have received.

My wife Carrie and I have two great children. It sounds simplistic but the ability to practice law at a quality firm like Brinkley Walser Stoner and enjoy life in this wonderful community with small-town values provides me with the type of life I have always hoped to achieve.

“Bradley is professional yet personable which puts his clients at ease regardless of the matter at hand. Bradley is always straight forward and honest with his advice to clients and with his interaction with his staff. He has a deep commitment to the traditions of this firm and believes in this community. Beyond this commitment to his clients, Bradley is a solid role model for others.”   ~ Karen Greene, Office Manager