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Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about our work:

As a nonprofit, American Children’s Home relies on Bradley Hunt and his partners at Brinkley Walser Stoner to provide guidance in all areas of our business operations from leases to bequests. As an employer, I have found Bradley’s expertise in employment law to be invaluable to our agency.  From Personnel Policy reviews to employee terminations, his knowledge and sage advice provide us with the comfort of knowing that our actions are following the letter of the law while also providing a level of fairness for our staff.”  ~ Kathy C. Berrier, President, and CEO

“This is the best law firm I can truthfully say! I know first hand about them. We especially love Drew Nelson there. He was wonderful in helping us with my late brother’s estate.” ~Betty Sink

“The J Smith Young YMCA is a non-profit organization that has over 5,000 members. We manage a fitness center, natatorium, gymnasium, after-school program, bowling alley, and food service, just to name a few areas. As one can imagine it is imperative for the CEO and Board of Directors to have trustworthy legal counsel that is readily available. David Inabinett and the Brinkley Walser law firm exceed all expectations for our needs. They represent numerous organizations in our region and bring a keen understanding of the people they represent because they are intimately involved in the daily life of the community. When we call David it seems more like we are calling a family member than our attorney. That tells you the level of service we receive and the level of confidence we have in his ability. There is no doubt we are in good hands.” ~Gene Klump,  J Smith Young YMCA, former President/CEO

“When my husband was severely injured while he was riding his motorcycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway by a truck that broadsided him, my children and I knew that we would need an attorney to handle this situation. Knowing that he would be at Mission Hospital in Asheville for some time, and he would need extensive therapy after that, I called David Inabinett the day after the accident. I knew David was an excellent attorney because I worked with him when I was working with Davidson County Schools. David referred me to Thompson Miller, who he said handled most of these cases. Throughout the two-year process of recovery, Thompson was always just a call away to answer questions, provide expert advice, and just provide us with reassurance. We could not have had better representation than Mr. Miller. Not only was he there whenever we needed him, he called periodically just to check on my husband’s progress and to find out how he was healing. The end result and the settlement was indeed a blessing thanks to Thompson’s legal ability and knowledge of all that we faced. This law firm will have our family’s loyalty and business in whatever matters we should need in the future.” ~Gayle F. Davis

“My husband went out on State disability in 2000. We were hopeful that he would be able to return to teaching, but after two years, we realized that was going to be impossible. After being turned down twice by Social Security, we decided it was time for legal help. We had two requirements: 1. personal service and 2. a local attorney. We went to Brinkley Walser and were referred to Thompson Miller. For the next two years, he fought for us. We had an initial visit with him at the office, then every month he would contact us. He wanted to know how my husband was doing and if there were any medical changes. The Social Security office in Charlotte moved during our wait, which made the wait even longer. When our appointment day arrived, Mr. Miller drove us to Charlotte. It amazed me as we sat in the waiting room to see attorneys arrive who had never met their clients face to face. One was taking notes on the side of a newspaper. Mr. Miller had all of the files he needed, with certain places marked for easy access. Our session with the judge was successful and my husband was awarded Social Security. It was only later that I saw in the paper that Mr. Miller’s son had been sworn in as a lawyer. The remarkable thing is that his son is visually impaired. The entire time Mr. Miller fought for us, he was facing the crisis of his son losing his eyesight—and it never interfered with our case. It is no wonder that we also use this firm for our estate planning/last will and testament. David Inabinett was also the attorney my mother-in-law used. He came to her when her physical condition did not allow her to travel. Our recent work with him on wills, power of attorney, etc went so smoothly and my husband and I can rest easier knowing our children will not be faced with major problems. This local firm is very client-oriented. We will return to them if there are future needs.”
~Tony and Karen Koontz, Welcome, NC

“Trust, integrity, and loyalty are essential to any relationship I have, especially in business.  That is why I’ve had RB advising me on legal matters for over 40 years.  I know he’ll always tell me what I need to hear and not just what I want to hear.” ~ Bob Timberlake

“Finding the right lawyer when you are hurt is hard. By getting Thompson Miller to represent me I got the right solutions to my workers’ comp and social security claim but more important I got a lawyer who understands what I was going through. I found out quickly that not everyone understands what it means to be disabled, how your life gets turned upside down. Thompson was there for me and my family when it counted.” ~ Michael D. Norris

“Ryan McNeill of the Brinkley Walser Stoner law firm provides outstanding legal representation to the Davidson County Airport Authority which oversees the operations and facilities of the Davidson County Airport. This general aviation airport is a unique and often complex combination of business, governmental, regulatory, funding, and aviation services. Ryan’s wise counsel and his knowledge and experience in public and private sector matters as relates to aviation has proven to be a reliable element in our success time and again. Speaking for the Airport Authority and our associates, all of  whom work with Ryan McNeill on a regular basis, we find him and the Brinkley team completely trustworthy, highly skilled, and the consummate professionals.” ~ John Gray, Chairman, Davidson County Airport Authority

“I have worked with Bradley for more than 5 years.  His prompt action in judgments has provided us a secure lien in which to execute on and his experience in the claim and delivery process has allowed us the ability to gain possession sooner and liquidate quickly, giving us an advantage with depreciating collateral.  Bradley has become a valued asset in my ongoing relationship with Brinkley Walser, PLLC.” ~ April Cassidy, former NewBridge Bank associate 

“Davidson County Schools is privileged to have been represented by Brinkley, Walser, Stoner, PLLC  for many years. The firm’s deep roots in our community, combined with their superior knowledge of Education Law, make them especially qualified to serve our district with a strong passion and understanding of Davidson County, at large.  In addition to being exceptionally responsive to our needs, the firm possesses the expertise necessary to mitigate any legal matter on our behalf. In today’s ever-changing and challenging school environment, I take comfort in the tremendous confidence I have in Attorneys David Inabinett and Bradley Hunt. Their ability to provide efficient and effective legal support to both our school board and district promotes an overall strong sense of well-being. Davidson County Schools is honored to continue its partnership with such an outstanding, quality group of professionals.” ~ Dr. Emily W. Lipe, Superintendent, Davidson County Schools

“I have had the opportunity to work with Charles H. McGirt and the Brinkley Walser firm for many years and have the highest respect for Charles and the firm. Their knowledge and experience, combined with the firm’s capabilities in providing professional services have been an invaluable resource.

In providing their wise counsel through the years, Charles and the firm have always exhibited the highest level of professionalism.” ~ Robert F. Lowe, Former Chairman of the Board NewBridge Bancorp

“Having practiced law myself, I know what it takes to effectively represent clients.  Our company engaged Thompson to represent us in certain matters not merely based upon his knowledge and experience in the law, but more so due to his character, ethics, and integrity which are important factors for our family and business in all our affairs.” ~ Dan Timberlake

“Will Miller guided our estate planning with complete professionalism. He assisted us throughout the process and helped us navigate difficult decisions and conversations with strong legal knowledge yet also with grace. Our planning process occurred at the height of a global pandemic but Will and the team at Brinkley, Walser, Stoner rose to the challenge and handled the completion and execution of our estate planning documents in a healthy and safe but convenient manner. Additionally, Will assisted us with legal planning related to business development. His review and interpretation of contracts were a tremendous resource. We appreciate a local firm that brings exceptional legal knowledge paired with small-town hospitality.” ~ Kenneth & Jennifer Swift

“David Inabinett has been our legal counsel since 2005. In that time we have developed unparalleled confidence in him. I believe a great attribute of David is the broadness and depth of services he brings to the table. Our business involves a multitude of business contracts. Those contracts include procurement of products and services, the sale or purchase of real estate, procurement of easements, and large capital improvement projects. We depend on him to sift through these tedious documents and guide us. We depend on him for human resource issues and compliance advice.  David also provides guidance regarding board and policy governance. All the aforementioned is very important to us, but knowing that he is always available is great peace of mind.  David has never failed to be there for us. I know we are in good hands with David.” ~ Ron Sink, CEO/General Manager, Davidson Water, Inc.

“As a client of David’s for several years I can tell you first-hand how much of a help to my family he has been.As a caregiver for my ailing parents, he took away the confusion and worry of the healthcare system and helped organize their estate which allowed me to focus on their daily well-being. His help was invaluable. Now David continues to be a major part of our estate planning team for my wife and me. David, many thanks and congratulations on your 25 years.” ~ David Rich