BWS Update | April 2017

BWS Update | April 2017

Interest Rates & Spring Home Sales

By Gary Bowers, Attorney at Law

In mid-March, the Federal Reserve announced a .25% rate increase, the first of what is expected to be three small interest rate increases in 2017. According to NerdWallet, mortgage rates prior to the 2016 election were around 3.75%; after the election, rates began to inch upward in anticipation of rate increases by the Fed. For that reason, yesterday’s announcement did not cause an immediate jump in rates. Rates in North Carolina for a 30-year mortgage are currently over 4.1% (see current NC mortgage rates at Experts expect mortgage rates may be in the 4.6 to 4.8% range by the end of the year, though those estimates could be impacted by changes made by the current administration. Read more…

BWS Attorneys on SilverLife

Attorneys David Inabinett and Ryan McNeill were recently interviewed for a new video series for SilverLife Marketing. The first video, titled Decision Time: Transitioning to an Easier Lifestyle, talks about when moving to a senior living community might be the right decision for you. David and Ryan cover legal topics related to moving. Read David’s article, Legal Considerations When Moving to a Senior Living Community, and watch for the release of the video to see David and Ryan in action!

National Autism Awareness Month

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) encompasses a range of development disabilities and impacts how an individual is able to communicate with others. ASD is classified as a “spectrum” disorder, meaning symptoms may range from very mild to severe. Identifying and treating autism early may result in better outcomes for the child. This April, learn more about autism and its impact on individuals and families in our communities.